Friday, May 24, 2013

Smartballs: The Original

Since I'm staring my new blog with kegel balls why not start with the Original Smartballs?

Though Fun Factory now sells a silicone version of these that are available in dual or single ball styles,  the Original Smartballs still set the standard by which all other kegel balls are measured.

Measuring 4.5 inches long by just under 1.5 inches in diameter, Smartballs should be fairly manageable for most users. They're made of Elastomed, so they're non porous and body safe, though not sterilizable so sharing is not recommended. 

The elastomed material feels fairly firm.  There is no give in the balls themselves but the center, connecting area is flexible. Each ball contains an inner ball that whirls with movement.  This both reminds you to kegel and causes your vagina to contract involuntarily, working your pc muscles even when you're not actively clenching them.

Smartballs have been the go to kegel balls for many women for many years. I'd give them a much higher star rating if they were better suited to my anatomy. For me personally they are just a bit too long for the depth of my vaginal canal, especially before arousal.

Despite them being a little too long they were very effective. Wearing them at rest reminded me to do my kegels because they are filling enough to be noticed. Wearing them while out and about made the inner balls spin and move, causing a pleasurable sensation and  a very noticeable reminder to clench around them. 

A final thought or two: the ridges along the balls do not provide any extra sensation, but do collect body fluids, so clean up carefully with a good, anti bacterial soap and hot water.

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product picture
Vaginal balls by Fun Factory
Material: Elastomed

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